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Observe any National/Regional regulations concerning safety and accident prevention. The drive system is considered a “machine component” and is therefore not subject to the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

The manufacturer (Gambini Meccanica) does not accept liability for damage or injury ensuing (resulting) from improper handling of the drive system (use or handling of these products).

The User is responsible for checking all applicable local safety codes and providing suitable guards.
The racks may be assembled and installed only by skilled personnel.

Always wear safety helmet, goggles, protective gloves and safety shoes when lifting the rack out of its packing and handling it. (or when handling this product)

  • Sharp edges can cause cutting injuries. Wear protective gloves during assembly.
  • Avoid heat transfer to the toothed racks during assembly. Use suitable safety equipment (e.g. gloves) during assembly.
  • Wear gloves while assembling in order to avoid contact corrosion

Gambini Meccanica reserves the right to make technical changes to improve the product without notice.
Consult our Customer Service department to receive further information.