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Shipment tracking and goods return procedure

Gambini Meccanica works with reliable partners for logistics and transport, in order to guarantee a secure and highly competitive service. It is possible to track your shipment from the moment in which the goods leave our warehouse until the goods arrive at the address communicated by the User. Our partners for logistics and transport are the following:

  • DHL and Trasconti for international shipments;
  • TNT, Arco Spedizioni and Dorica Express Group for domestic shipments.

Transport costs are displayed before the order processing and they are charged to the User. The transport cost is automatically calculated at the end of the guided purchase procedure, according to the weight and overall dimensions of the package.

Gambini Meccanica online shop allows to make shipments in the following Countries: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Republic of San Marino, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, Austria, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Turkey, Russia, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Switzerland, Ukraine, Poland. We will not ship goods to any other Country not present in this list.

The delivery date is specified at the end of the purchasing procedure and it is later confirmed to the email address provided by the User. In this email we will indicate the order processing time (the goods will be shipped in maximum 3 working days from the order confirmation date) and the transit time (variable according to the chosen forwarder).

The transit time is indicated here below, according to the destination Country and the total weight of the purchased products:


1-2 working days: Italia; Republic of San Marino.
2-3 working days: Germany; Austria; Belgium; Netherlands; Luxembourg.
3 working days: United Kingdom; Poland; Slovenia; Ireland; Switzerland.
3-5 working days:Greece; Cyprus; Malta; Portugal; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Bulgaria; Romania; Croatia; Albania; Serbia; Belarus; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Macedonia; Moldavia; Montenegro; Ucraina; Turkey; Russia; Denmark; Andorra; Monaco; Iceland; Liechtenstein.


1-2 working days: Italia; Republic of San Marino.
2-3 working days: Germany; Austria.
3-4 working days: Belgium; Netherlands; Luxembourg.
5-6 working days: Greece; Cyprus; Malta; United Kingdom; Portugal; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Bulgaria; Romania; Serbia; Belarus; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Macedonia; Moldavia; Ucraina; Denmark; Andorra; Monaco; Iceland; Liechtenstein; Switzerland; Poland; Slovenia; Albania; Croatia.

Returns with withdrawal right

The User has the right of withdrawal, without giving any reason, within 14 days from the delivery date. The costs and charges of the return shipment in case of withdrawal are under the responsibility of the User, who is required to organize the shipment of the goods. Gambini Meccanica reserves the right to verify and check the integrity of the product returned by the User before proceeding with the reimbursement (for the methods and timing of the reimbursement and for more details about the right of withdrawal, read the general sales conditions, Art 5 – Product availability, right of cancellation and right of return).

Return procedure

In the event that the User reports defects of conformity, hidden defects or blatant damage, exclusively within the time and according to the methods described in the general sales conditions (Art. 9 Sales guarantee and liability), he has the right to access to Gambini Meccanica product warranty. This means immediate replacement or repair of the defective product. The costs for collection and/or replacement are covered by Gambini Meccanica.

For any further information on shipments and/or returns, you can contact our customer service using the “contact” form on the website or you can write an email to ecommerce@gambinimeccanica.it.